Here's what other ducks are saying ...

Bears like ducks, too! Kudos to the Chicago Bears for their Tales to Tackle reading incentive program!

Michael Sullivan, Former Board President, Union League Boys and Girls Clubs; Chair of Labor and Employment Group, Goldberg Kohn

I suspect your children will like this book as much as my six-year-old daughter—which means you might want to pick up an extra copy, in case the first one gets worn out. "Ducks in a Row" is beautifully written and illustrated. It is chock full of all the right lessons without being pretentious or preachy. Most of all, it is a lot of fun. This book will be a hit with kids and parents, who might recognize themselves—or some other duck they know—along the way!

Pat P., 2nd Grade Teacher, Dundee, IL

I read "Ducks in a Row" each year to the students in my elementary school classroom. The story is wonderfully written and the illustrations are delightful—my students love this book! Its messages of tolerance and kindness are relevant for both children AND adults. The MacQuackens are great role models, truly comfortable with their in-di-vi-du-al-i-ty. What an important lesson!

Mary Ellyn Billmeyer, Principal, St. John the Evangelist School, Streamwood, IL

Elaine Harrison's author presentations are exciting, creative, animated and educational for all. My students and teachers always enjoy her dynamic books and lively presentations. Elaine creatively addresses all age groups and adjusts the curricula for grades pre-K through 8 as needed. And, she makes it so much fun. When she visited us with her "Imagine You Could", our kids were even happy to learn about contractions with Elaine's new super hero: Apostrophe Man!

Elizabeth Turek, 2nd Grade Teacher, Riverside, IL

I LOVE this book! It is so nice to have a bilingual piece of literature that carries academic substance, while still being a fun read. We can launch into studies of Earth, sea and sky, as well as choral read the rhyming text and write about the whimsical adventures that are hopping from the pages. The illustrations are so vibrant and relate perfectly to the text. I can't wait to use "Imagine You Could/Imáginate si pudieras" in my classroom.

Sister Mary Paul McCaughey, Superintendent, Chicago Catholic Schools

Richly illustrated, "Imagine You Could/Imáginate si pudieras" is a delightful bi-lingual invitation to wonder, suitable for both interactive read-aloud and independent reading. I am ready to fly out that window with the cat!

Colleen King Kirchner

"Imagine You Could" is absolutely enchanting- just the kind of book I seek out for my grandchildren.

Through delightful and fanciful prose, readers are tantalized with dreams and visions, yet challenged to design their own creative imaginings.

How refreshing to become engaged in the exploration of sky, sea and land through delightful text and vivid illustrations that use ingenuity of imagination rather than reality.

This beautiful book is truly an intelligent and inspirational piece of literature … a treasure!

Mary K. Hemmelman, St. Emily School, Principal

The students and teachers of St. Emily School loved "Ducks in a Row". The presentations were age appropriate with a message that the children understood, and could take with them. They got excited, all over again, when I presented their classrooms with their own signed copies. By being the special guest at our school Book Fair, Elaine's enthusiasm encouraged everyone to participate in the joy of reading and learning.

Jered Klima, Silverthorne, CO

“Imagine You Could/Imáginate si pudieras" sends a great message to children. This wonderful book is sure to inspire our young ones to read more, learn more and will encourage them to reach for the stars!"


"Ducks in a Row" is really outstanding. Every child should read or have this marvelous story read to them!

Dr. Susan Polansky, Head of the Department of Modern Languages, Carnegie Mellon University

"Imagine You Could/Imáginate si pudieras" is a wonderful, colorful work to invite readers' happy thoughts and creativity. There are smiles on every page!

Jane P. Kauzlaric, Executive Director, R.H. Johnson Library, Sun City Arizona

"Ducks in a Row" by Elaine Harrison with illustrations by V Shane is the delightful story of nine free-spirited ducklings and a mother who understand the importance of encouraging each child to express his or her own creative talents. Although nonconformists, her children are happy, ingenious individuals whose resourcefulness ends up saving the day for the other duck families on the pond.

The rhyming text and entertaining illustrations make for an enjoyable read with children, as it gently reminds the adults in their lives to nurture their blossoming personalities. I thoroughly enjoyed Ducks in a Row.

Jennifer Mahoney, San Francisco, CA

My whole family loves this great adventure book! It's very empowering for both kids and adults. My children got a big kick out of the author's creative text, clever rhyming and word play. And, of course, we also love the amazing illustrations that take us over land, through the sky and all the way into the Universe. I think my son summed it up best when he said: "'ImagineYou Could/Imáginate si pudieras' is a great book. I liked it because it teaches you, if you just imagine, you can do whatever you want to do!"

Joshua Rofe, Documentary Film-maker, Los Angeles, California

"Ducks in a Row" is one of those rare children's books that will keep parents and teachers as engaged as the children themselves. This inspired combination of life lessons and illustrations belongs in classrooms across the country.

Jeanne M. Kerkstra, Kerkstra Law Offices, Chicago, IL

"Imagine You Could/Imáginate si pudieras" is a wonderfully uplifting book! This story will inspire children to use their imaginations in brand new ways. We need more books like this one!

Pat P., 2nd Grade Teacher, Dundee, IL

The students in my 2nd grade class enjoy "Imagine You Could", which reminds them of all the magical things that can happen when they use their imagination! They quickly notice that the star appears in almost every illustration, and enjoy searching for it as it swims with the dolphins or sings on the top of a mountain. This story encourages children to realize that their dreams can become exciting adventures!


Elaine Harrison's author visit with her book "Ducks in a Row" far exceeded my expectations. Our students were still talking about her dynamic presentations 6 months later. ... Elaine made this day one of the year's best for our children!

Sue Bordenaro, Family and Legislative Consultant, Office of Chicago Catholic Schools

I am pleased to spread the word about a great new children's book, "Ducks in a Row", by Elaine Harrison. I truly love the message of the text and the wonderful illustrations. The story brings a much-needed message to our students. I am happy to say that Ms. Harrison is conducting author visits at schools throughout the Chicago Archdiocese.

Dr. Linda Fallucca, Northbrook, IL

"Imagine You Could/Imáginate si pudieras" is a wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated book- truly delightful. It's such a joy to read and it's great in both English and Spanish. Through her inspiring verse, Elaine Harrison brings forth the magic in all of us and helps us to see: your imagination can create it all for you! 

The National Kindergarten Alliance loves Ducks in a Row!

Ducks learn to value and honor individuality of all … a wonderful book … sure to delight children and adults alike.

To read the NKA’s complete review of "Ducks in a Row", please visit:   

Judy Smizik, M.Ed-Past President, Pittsburgh Association of Kindergarten Teachers

"Ducks in a Row" is not only well-written--with rich and robust vocabulary--it sends a message to children about individuality, and reinforces the importance of play, creative thinking and problem solving. I have read many books over my forty-year career; Ducks in a Row stands out as one of the best.

Sister Mary Paul McCaughey, Superintendent, Chicago Catholic Schools

Ducks save the day and students appreciate this richly illustrated text, which acknowledges the creative spirit ... this book is a reminder to us that kindness is really the highest form of getting our "Ducks in a Row" ... a beautiful book in every way!

Genie Newport-Guilliams, Executive Director, Independent Schools of St. Louis

"Ducks in a Row" is a beautifully illustrated tale that serves to provide a multitude of messages to young readers and those that care for them. The work touches on the importance of parents and caregivers fostering individuality in children and nurturing their creativity. It encourages parents to let children be a product of their own dreams; not those they may have for them. Further, "Ducks in a Row" emphasizes problem solving and the all-important need for acceptance of those who may be different. The lessons in this book are universal and are as applicable to any boardroom as well as any classroom. Kudos to Elaine Harrison for her poignant poetry and the creative way she reminds us all of the need to be tolerant ofothers.

Michele Ritchie, Mother/Entrepreneur

Take a trip through the gallery of your imagination, let go and fly as you flip the pages of "Imagine You Could/Imáginate si pudieras". You'll dance on Mars and swim under the sea while learning great lessons on creativity! This is a book that reminds us all that our greatest gift lives within each of us. Imagine You Can everyday!

Dr. Michael J. Lee, Chicago, Illinois

My daughters (ages 4 and 6) and my wife and I love "Ducks in a Row"! It has a great message and the girls ask me to read it at least once a week. The drawings are great fun and there is something about the way the story is written that makes it a joy to read and a joy to listen to, again and again!

Janet Erazmus, Teacher/Principal 45 years with Chicago Catholic Schools

I am totally impressed with the message of this beautifully written book, which teaches children to respect the individuality of others and value their differences. I not only recommend "Ducks in a Row"; I encourage schools to invite author Elaine Harrison for a visit. The children are awed by her dynamic presentations and love discussing the story with her… a great resource for anti-bullying programs!

Ruthie Hornaday, Director, Fourth Presbyterian Church Day School

"Ducks in a Row", by Elaine Harrison, is truly a delightful book! How refreshing to know you don't have to line up in perfect rows; you can actually be creative and make your own patterns!

We thoroughly enjoyed having Elaine visit our school. Children loved the rhyming text and empathetic message and we were all absolutely memorized by Elaine's charming recitation of the book.

Catherine Gerber-Principal, Country Gardens Grades K-12, Levine, AZ

"Ducks in a Row" is a great book! We can all grow and learn from this wonderful story, which encourages us to be more understanding and caring for each other–that everyone is special to our world. I highly recommend that teachers use this book as a resource for character education.

Ann Serafin, LaGrange, IL

A magical cat appears in a child's bedroom window on a starry night, and the adventure begins. "Imagine You Could" is a whimsical journey through the universe of the mind, a joyful celebration of imagination taking flight, a promise that anything is possible. This book is a fun romp that will kick start dreams. Every child will say, "Again! Again!"

Luci Gaudreau, retired teacher and owner of Golden Word Books and Music, Sedona, Arizona

"Ducks in a Row" delights and confirms for children everywhere what they already know; be yourself and the world is a delightfully fun place. When the MacQuackens have the unique ability to save the day for others, the cause for individuality wins again. Great story, high vocabulary, absorbing pictures and Made in America. We love "Ducks in a Row"!

Adam Pitale, Denver, Colorado

What a great book! "Ducks in a Row" is super well written, and a wonderful message. Love the ducks not in a row … It's already one of daughter's favorites!

L. Hewitt 5/6th grade teacher

My students loved the lively pace of "Ducks in a Row", along with the meter, vocabulary and play on words so cleverly used by the author. The were impressed to see how the ducks worked together to face a challenge.

J. Kunkel, 3rd Grade teacher

"Ducks in a Row" is a wonderful story that teaches children that it is OK to be different! Great to teach about special needs children, too.

Beatrice Baldridge, Retired Carden educator-private tutor, Los Angeles, California

My grandchildren and students love "Ducks in a Row"!

"Ducks in a Row", by Elaine Harrison, is a charming story that reaches children through wonderful poetic verse and outstanding illustrations. In playful ways- that don't preach- the author helps the young reader recognize how important it is to honor the individuality of others. The book encourages the reader to embrace diversity, while also showing how this mindset- along with resourcefulness and teamwork- can unite a community.

As the founder of Carden of the Crossroads School (Pre-K-6) I had the opportunity to review hundreds of books over the years. This creative book should be included in the curriculum of schools as a work of literature, and is a worthy addition to a child's home library.

John Soderman, KUSI-TV, San Diego, California

As a TV News Anchor/Reporter I am always looking to tell a good story. I have found such a story in Elaine Harrison's new children's book, "Ducks in a Row". The story is wonderfully told and is beautifully illustrated. I am confident it will be just a matter of time before it is 'required reading' for elementary schools throughout the U.S.A. and beyond.

Kate O'Brien-Principal, Frances Xavier Warde School, Grades Pre-K through 3, Chicago, IL

"Ducks in a Row" is a wonderfully written book that reminds children they each have special gifts and it's okay to be different. The MacQuacken family models this beautifully. Our teachers love Ducks in a Row and feel it has such a great message. The children were delighted to visit with a real author.

James Rinkenberger, Owner, Video Media Productions, Chandler, AZ

What a happy book! An active imagination is a good thing and this story brings it to the forefront. I am impressed with the author's connection to young minds with these nicely written rhymes blending fun and positive messages. While reading "Imagine You Could/Imáginate si pudieras", I could see visions of live animations conveying these beautiful adventures. Another great book to share with your children.

Elaine Harrison's author presentations are exciting, creative, animated and educational for all. My students and teachers always enjoy her dynamic books and lively presentations. Elaine creatively addresses all age groups and adjusts the curricula for grades pre-K through 8 as needed. And, she makes it so much fun. When she visited us with her new book, "Imagine You Could", our kids were even happy to learn about contractions with Elaine's new super hero: Apostrophe Man!