The National Kindergarten Alliance loves Ducks in a Row!

The MacQuacken Family and I were delighted to receive this enthusiastic book review in the Spring 2014 Newsletter of the National Kindergarten Alliance, NKA. The NKA's mission is: To nurture, support and encourage teachers and children in the implementation of exemplary programs. The NKA now serves Pre-School through First Grades.

After the newsletter came out, the book reviewer, NKA secretary Elizabeth Blek, wrote to me and said: "I absolutely LOVED your book! I have already shared it with two kindergartens and one first grade and the children all asked for an encore!"

A transcript of the review is below. The original newsletter can viewed here (page 9-10).

Children's Book Picks

"Ducks in a Row" is a wonderful book from an "adult" author who has seen the light and finds authoring children's books so much more fun!! Elaine Harrison has formed her own publishing company - Lucky Duck Publishing LTD - "in order to retain creative control" and because she wanted her works "published in the United States using environmentally sustainable products and practices." The mission of the Lucky Duck Publishing Company is "to capture the whimsey, heart and intellect of children through tales that inspire the imagination and encourage self-confidence." WOW!!

"Ducks in a Row" brings you the adventures of the MacQuacken Family - a mother and nine babies. These little ones don't like to waddle or paddle along in a row and mother duck seems okay with this. However, the other moms in and around the pond are very disturbed by what they see as poor behavior. Mother MacQuacken decides to take her brood elsewhere where they will be free to express their individuality and chase their dreams. The story of the MacQuacken's is sure to delight children and adults alike. It is rhythmic, rhyming and enchanting as it presents the family's adventures, trials, tribulations and successes in a delightfully fun world. As the ducks learn to value and honor the individuality of all, they find themselves in a position to "save the day" when a problem arises at the pond. You will love it. The illustrations by V Shane are equally as wonderful. "Ducks in a Row" has a companion book "Patitos en Fila" as well as an educational activity/coloring book.

Elaine Harrison is pleased to offer NKA members a 20% discount on one or all of these books which may be purchased through her website - Include the code NKADUCKS in the checkout process. This offer is good through the month of May.

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